Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Dear my favourite girl,

Now you are 2! (Well, 2 and a month as I'm a bit late in getting this written...) You had a day at the wildlife park for your birthday. What was the animal you were desperate to see? The lions? The giraffes? No. The cows. Must be because you're 1/8 dairy farmer.

Your current favourites:

Playing hide and seek (you always hide under the crochet blanket, sitting in the bean bag in front of the window. Every. Single. Time. My acting skills are increasing dramatically as I search high and low for you.

Making tea in the kitchen. When we got back from holiday a few weeks ago, your first word on entering the house was "tea!" and you immediately set to work with the tap, the cups and the milk jug. The kitchen also turns into a hairdressing salon, with a spoon for drying and styling the hair.

Playing shops with your monies. Most of the time you pay...

Wearing your 'eyes' (sunglasses).

Reading books to yourself - bears seem to be the popular theme at the moment with 'I want my hat back' (aka 'bear hat') and 'We're going on a bear hunt' (aka 'tiptoe tiptoe') the top choices at the moment.

My current favourites:

The way you say 'nose'. And 'lunchtime'. And 'nope'. And 'peeeeees' when you really want something.

That silly, crinkly eyed smile you do.

The way you say 'ooh woowwww' when I give you your breakfast/lunch/tea. Tis good for the self esteem.

Picking you up out of the car when you're asleep. You nuzzle into my neck, all heavy and warm, only rearranging yourself to find your thumb and a piece of my hair.

Your dancing. You've recently graduated from the one arm 'whisking' move to a two arm waggle. Both are brilliant.

birthday girl / helping me water the plants leads to paddling / snoozing / a quick bench break with teddy / lining things up / tunnel & hearing a sheep baa = good / upside-down / ribbon-waving / breakfast-waiting / that hiding place.

*All of these are IG pictures - I seem to frequent Instagram more than the blog at the moment. Easier and quicker which is good when time is limited I suppose. Come find me! 


  1. Happy birthday to your lovely girl.

  2. Such a wonderful age and it just keeps getting better - really. Just wait until she really starts talking.

  3. Love that overhead shot with the little toys and that playground picture! She seems to be as busy a little girl as mine is!


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