Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Garden Diaries: May

May has been a green month. Plenty of hot sunshine, but also plenty of rain. The garden's growth has sped up, and every week there's something new or different appearing.

With assistance from my toddler-sized sous-gardener, we've got many things planted this month - not all the lines of seeds may be straight, but she's so excited to help that it doesn't really matter. "Shall we plant some of these seeds?" "YES PEES!"

The raised beds are coming along nicely - the local cat population have adopted them as their XL litter tray which irks me greatly though (I've been googling supersoakers with the view to hunting down the main culprits...) But the peas, courgette, butternut squash and newly sown salads are going great guns, despite their feline visitors.

I've read that 2014 will be the year of the slug, thanks to the wet winter (it's like an alternative, and slightly slimier, Chinese calendar perhaps) and it certainly seems the case in our garden. Copper tape around pots works pretty well for now. After reading a recent piece of Alys Fowler's, I do feel I should be slightly more philosophical about what's getting eaten...but I find it hard to smile benevolently upon them when they've munched a baby plant and all I want to do is pour salt on them.

May in photos:

Lilac (all but over now, unfortunately) / Rain bedecked Alchamilla mollis / Chive flowers (and sage flowers behind) have been beautiful this year. Sadly all going over now, and I'm kicking myself for not being more culinary adventurous with them after reading about a chive flower vinegar in IG / Late afternoon sunshine and foxgloves are a good combination / As is sunshine and French lavender / Our first radish harvest / And the first pea to appear / For the first time ever, the blueberry bush looks like it might actually be productive. Only 6 years after I first bought it. / Cornflowers are springing up - I'm hoping for a few brighter blooms in addition to pink / I forget the name of this but I love the blue shot with purple / Foxgloves = bee heaven.

So that's May's garden. How's yours looking? (And any tips for ridding the garden of cats are greatly appreciated!)


  1. So glad you are training your daughter to be a gardener--start them off young. Cats are a nuisance, I know. We've got one at home and the other on the allotment. I use an organic substance, its like very fine granules which you shake all over your beds. I've forgotten what its called but its made by the same company who do the organic slug pellets.

  2. I used to fantasise about buying a supersoaker for that very reason! We ended up just shoving twigs and sticks into any bare patches of earth - it seems to do the trick.
    To be honest, our neighbourhood used to be very cat-centric but they seem to have gone out of fashion. It seems everyone now has a (very noisy) dog. I prefer cats, even with their annoying habits!
    Foxgloves are lovely, aren't they? We have some next to a big fern and the two look perfect together, probably because they're native and shade-lovers so are natural bedfellows.
    As for slugs... horrible things. My auntie used to wander the garden at night, cutting them in half with a big pair of scissors. I tried it last year. It was the most revolting, stomach-heaving thing I've ever done.
    Salt works for me :)

  3. I'm sprinkled cayenne pepper over my lettuce to stop the birds eating it (they have a penchant for little gem!) so that might work on cats too- they'd only lick their paws once in your garden again!
    Our chive blooms are going over too now -they are lovely whilst they last x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos, it all looks so lush and hazy. The cats - don't get me started. Nothing annoys me more than coming across cat poo when gardening with the kids. What if they got it on their hands? Eugh. I stick broken bamboo canes and old ice lolly sticks over bare patches of freshly weeded earth and that helps. I also vigorously shoo them away whenever I see them. But, you know, if my neighbour had a cat flap and a litter tray I'm sure there would be less of an issue... x


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