Wednesday, 25 June 2014

We Like to Read: Counting Birds by Alice Melvin

You know a book's going to be good when the inside cover is as beautiful as it is in this one. This is most definitely a shelf book - not one to be casually flung by toddler hands into the wooden book box in the living room, or stepped on as she clambers around the sofa. Oh no no no! This is one for sharing - one for looking at the pictures together, counting all the birds and spotting the cat at the end. "Miaoowwwww!"

This book is a toddler hit in our house because it features so many of her favourite things - birds, a cat and the number 8. The illustrations are in Alice Melvin's distinctive style - simple, yet highly patterned. And all in a delicious colour scheme of yellow, orange, blue and green.

It's been a long time since I wrote about the books we're reading at home. Plenty of new favourites have been discovered in the past few months so I think I'll have to get writing these WLTR posts once more. Next up, 'Shh! We have a plan' by Chris Haughton.


  1. I know what you mean about certain books living on the shelf - it's always mortifying when a beautiful page ends up creased!
    We've just joined the library at the new place and it's a real relief to read their books which are already well worn!
    Hope your little girl had a wonderful 2nd birthday and that the 'terrible twos' aren't on their way. We've had the odd glimpse of them here. Distraction seems to be the best antidote!
    Sarah x

  2. Lovely graphics. Birds and cats are a hit here also!

  3. Hi Helen, what a lovely book, I've never heard of it before. I'll have to get a copy for our 2 year old. I'll be interested in your next review too as we love 'A Bit Lost'. Best wishes, Emma


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