Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Garden Diaries: June

From these photos it appears that the theme of June in the garden has been colour. Every shade of the rainbow (I should've taken a photo of the red roses outside the house to complete the spectrum) seems to have sprung up in the garden at some point this month.

cotton lavender / beautiful apricot rose / I want to say this is a relative of the hibiscus - I'd better have a look back through the blog archives as I'm sure my mum identified it for me! / penstemon - I'm growing to like these more (probably something to do with me hacking the plant back so it doesn't feel like it's taking over the garden quite so much) / hydrangeas - love that pink and zingy green together / mange tout flowers / mini magenta geraniums / dark purple mange tout (the proper name escapes me - if anyone wants to know, just shout and I'll dig out the seed packet) / more penstemon (I think) / cornflowers are coming thick and fast / passion flowers are loving the sunshine / broad beans - can't wait to eat these.

P.S. Thank you for all the anti-cat tips for my veg patch - a combination of filling up the raised beds with plants, putting sticks into bare patches of soil and the cat-scarer-noise-machine seem to have done the trick. (Unfortunately, the charming cats now use other areas of the garden as their toilet, but at least I have some tricks up my sleeve now!)


  1. Cats! pah! They're using my front lawn as a toilet. I actually contemplated stabbing sticks in everywhere but that rather defeats the object of having a lawn. I fear block paving might be our only option.Your garden is flourishing and your photos are fantastic.

  2. I'm not usually a fan of yellow flowers but that cotton lavender is really lovely. And I envy you those apricot roses too. Hope there are enough to bring some indoors!
    Sarah x

  3. Purple peas - I've never seen those! The passion flower is so exotic! Great color in the blue cornflower(?) picture.

  4. Ahhhh, lovely. I just did a big sigh of happiness.

  5. So many lovely colours - all soft and dreamy. Intrigues by your purple peas - I've not seen any like those before, tlaking of peas - those sweet peas are pretty - I would I could sniff them!
    Thanks ever so much for joining in x


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